Wednesday, 26 July 2017


you are 
the reason
i check my phone in the morning 

your words flow through me 
like blood through my veins 

all the words you say
float above your head like clouds 
in the sky 

as sincere as your words seem
there is always that
''what if''

''what if'''
 this isnt real
this isnt real
this isnt real

your smile aches my already
broken heart
broken mind
broken soul

you say you cannot help the stuff you do
but i cant help being broken
im an old soul thats been
battered and bruised 

the ego that you carry around 
is heavier than you love 
you say you have for me

i stay awake for hours 
hoping youll say the words 
i long to hear 

i long to see the fight you have
for your friends
the loyalty
the respect

i long to be the person that you 
cant go a day without talking to

i long to see the fight in you
when i say im done

i want you to pick all the pieces 
of me back up and 
put them all back 
together again

living with anxiety is 
like living permanently in a 

you cant get out 
no one can hear you
youre trapped

even when people look down at this well
all they see is the shadows of the 
curves of your body

living with depression
a permanent look into the 

a black hole
that just sucks
you in

the fight you once had 
suddenly evaporates 
and then

its gone