Sunday, 19 March 2017

..'People with anxiety aren't disabled'.

I was just scrolling through Facebook when something caught my eye on my newsfeed, one of my friends on there had shared this article which said ''Theresa May's adviser says people with anxiety aren't really disabled.'' 

Let me stop you there.

Anxiety is crippling, you may not be able to see that there's this huge fear surrounding me but I can feel it. 
I do not choose to always feel like absolute shit, I do NOT choose to feel this way. If I could change it I'd do it in a heartbeat but I can't, and this is why more and more awareness needs to be brought up about mental illnesses.

People discriminate because of this stigma surrounding mental health, the stigma is still around because people don't understand. If you've never felt anxiety at its purest form then I strongly feel like you have absolutely no right to talk about mental illness. If you haven't felt physically trapped by your own thoughts, if you haven't felt like the whole world's against you then do not say you know how I feel.
My head is a constant nightmare yet I can't escape none of it, I don't have the choice to just ignore it or just get over it and this is why mental health is SO SO important. People have to understand the continuous battles people that fight mental health related battles every single day.

Anxiety and depression aren't things that just come and go every now and then, I either feel everything all at once or nothing at all. There's no in between.

People will happily ask about your physical health, for example -

''How's your cold?''
''How did you break your elbow?''

Yet, people feel uncomfortable asking if you're mentally okay and I get that it's because people lack the knowledge and understanding of what mental illness is. Mental illness doesn't discriminate yet the society we are in does which creates this stigma surrounding mental health.
DON'T let people in the public eye make you feel like your feelings are invalid because they matter, your feelings DO count.

Don't ever let somebody belittle you or make you feel less because of you feel more deeply than others.

L x