Sunday, 29 January 2017

let's talk.

Mental health is a subject many people still feel super uncomfortable talking about.
However it's this discomfort that causes the need for conversation. People have to have this conversation to gain a better understanding of how truly devastating mental illness can be.

For example - I know this 21 year old let's call him Lloyd and he personally has this good understanding and willingness to know more and more about mental illness and how bad I suffer with it. However, I know this 22 year old and let's call him Jay - he gets so uncomfortable about even talking about anxiety because he doesn't understand it and he's quite stuck in his ways so his views on anxiety are that I cause it myself which if I could stop I would and he just doesn't get that. I think highly of them both but when someone actually wants to know you and not the facade you put on that's when I can really connect with a person deeply.
I suffer with anxiety and depression - I have this fear of being vulnerable with another person and I can be quite closed off so for a person to understand all of that yet still not think any differently of you, amazes me.

Some people show true willingness to understand and actually get you as a person but some people can be so stuck in their own views which can be quite harmful if they actually know people with mental illness. Some people have their own opinions of mental health but if that just adds to the stigma of mental health then that sets back so many people.
I have this tough exterior but when you really get to know me you'll know that I'm actually a really delicate person like I have a super soft interior so that's probably why I've had so many setbacks because people who I've trusted to be vulnerable with have broken my heart.

I feel like the talk of mental health has to be shoved in peoples faces for them to actually take notice on how bad it can be, and how serious of a topic this is. For people to actually understand the extent of mental illness because if more people understood, more people wouldn't feel so conflicted in getting the help they truly need and deserve.
For so long I went without telling anyone what was going through my head because I didn't want people to know a vulnerable side of me and I wish I would have had the courage and didn't give a fuck what others would think because I probably woulda spoke up much sooner.

One day mental health won't be such an uncomfortable topic and I hope that day happens soon because so many people are living through this stigma and are keeping quiet on how they truly feel and that isn't fair.
In the UK in 2014 there were 6,122 registered suicides. That is an enormous statistic and one thing that really hits is that a huge percentage of that is children aged 10 and over. More and more young children are experiencing some sort of mental health issues and because they're quite young they have absolutely no idea what's going on in their heads and that's such a scary thing for an adult to have let alone a child. So we as adults have to truly educate one another and help future generations feel comfortable and safe talking about these issues.

You ARE special, You ARE important and YOU ARE WORTH IT. 

L x