Tuesday, 14 November 2017

- mental health issues in 2017 -

bit of a controversial post so if you disagree or whatever that's absolutely fine with me but this is personally what i feel so keep reading if you want an interesting read..

having bad days, feeling a little bit nervous, feeling sad on occasion is HUMAN.
humans have a whole range of emotions, it's okay to feel a little bit sad or nervous about things. 
 and here is where it gets controversial.... 

just because you feel nervous about certain things for example - a job interview? SO many people feel nervous being in situations like that, or feeling sad.. you can have a bad feeling shitty day without it being classed as depression.
depression is a constant battle, when i'm having my bad days i can't shower, i can't brush my hair, i can barely find the motivation to get out of bed to go have a pee.

struggling with anxiety and depression, both of them constantly fight eachother. wanting to go out and see friends but my feet won't move and i'm basically trapped inside my own head with all these thoughts going round and round and when i try to just ignore it, i feel like i'm gonna burst into tears because i feel like giving up. 
i'll admit i never understood what anxiety or depression was until i started suffering myself with it, they are invisible illnesses if you will, you can't always see them but sometimes you actually can. 
you can physically see a person slowly giving up on themselves in my opinion..

people glamorize mental illnesses..
eating disorders aren't exclusive to any race, gender, or class..
same with anxiety and every single other mental illness doesn't discriminate, no matter what race, gender,.. whatever, you could have so much money and still be extremely unhappy. 

what i'm just trying to get at is that, yeah you may feel anxious and depressed but that doesn't mean you have anxiety and depression. 

hope this doesn't sound shitty towards anyone, i just feel like people and bloggers advocate for mental illness every single day. we campaign, we fight tooth and nail for some sort of action to be done to change how mental illness is treated yet when people who say they've got anxiety and depression, i'm not saying everyone who claims to have mental illness etc are lying or whatever but some do just say thing for attention.

 L x


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