Sunday, 20 August 2017

.. for my bestfriend.

you're leaving
overcome with emotion 
i fight back the tears 
holding my pride and my ego close
showing no vulnerability 

losing you 
the pain is like losing a limb
clyde to my bonnie we were 
as thick as thieves 

grief stricken 
full of pain
full of confusion 
but most of all
full of regret
for the things 
i never said 


growing apart is 
the worst thing about relationships 
with people

you're on your path and 
they're finding theirs
whilst they're on this journey 
of self discovery
- the distance gets further
and further apart

grieving for a person 
that's still alive but out of my life
tear soaked pillows from crying myself to sleep

please just wake me up from this nightmare already