Monday, 3 April 2017

..another chapter.

Sorry I've been so inactive in posting, I've had some stuff going on that I needed to clear my brain from everything and think of what I really wanted and I think it's time I posted. 

So many people have come and gone outta my life these past few weeks and usually it would upset me and I'd be crying for days and days.. BUT, at this point in my life I'm okay with people leaving. 
My bestfriend left me again and although it fucking sucks, I'm okay with it. 

I'm okay with it because when me and him stopped speaking the first time time a couple of months ago I met so many new people, like I now speak to this cool northerner who makes me laugh so much, I have met some truly wonderful people and for that I'm grateful.

This new chapter has already made ALOT of changes for me and change used to really fucking scare me but I'm feeling positive about all that's gonna happen.

There's been so so many times where I've felt like I shouldn't say something in fear that someone will leave or I'll appear too forward etc, but the thing is now.. I'm not afraid of speaking my mind because let's face it, nothing is ever promised so you've got to take risks.

If you like that person, YOU tell them you like them. You have nothing to lose but who knows, you could have so so much more to gain which could eventually help you further!
Never ever be afraid of saying how you feel, because one thing I've realised is that if you don't ask questions some people try to pussyfoot around with answering then you'll get stuck in this cycle of never knowing how someone truly feels about you and noone should go to bed every night not knowing someone they love cares about them too.

Self love is so important to creating a new chapter for yourself, you can't even try to love anybody else if you don't love yourself first. No matter what type of relationships you in, YOU should come first. If someone is treating you badly, don;t stand for that shit. If someone is just toying with your emotions, DO NOT stand for that shit. 

You are SO much better than you give yourself credit for and if you do not treat yourself how you treat others then that is like a guideline for how others treat you, so if you treat yourself badly then you'll get fucked over. If you do not stand for shit then you'll soon learn who sticks around. 

ThankYOU so much for reading. 

L x

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