Monday, 6 March 2017


Second chances is the title of my all time favourite book in the WORLD - mainly for the fact as it's titled people DO deserve second chances, Sometimes I feel it's kinda necessary so you can both progress as people whether you have relationships, friendships, whatever. 

The absolute KEY to second chances is forgiveness, if you can't forgive that person for whatever they've done previously then there's no need to have them back in your life. Everybody doesn't deserve your forgiveness but if you can learn to forget the situation and move on from it then that just shows how strong and mature of a person you are. 
I either forgive people too much or hold grudges for way too long and honestly both of them aren't that good especially holding grudges. 

Holding a grudge is literally you holding onto so much anger over a situation, it's literally like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die from it. It's unhealthy for you because let's face it it isn't going to affect the other person, they'll just move on and you'll still be overthinking every tiny little detail over and over again which will just make you crazy. Your own mind will spiral you into an abyss.

I forgave someone that broke my heart and left me without a second thought, because in reality all I wanted to do was cry in my bed. But I never gave myself a chance to really be by myself for a while because I wanted to replace my bestfriend, however people aren't toys and you can't just replace them whenever one leaves you. You have to truly learn to love yourself, you have to learn what it's like to do things by yourself. 
Honestly, people always say I'm making mistakes with the decisions I make. 
Yet, as I have said so so so many times YOU DO NOT GIVE UP ON THE PEOPLE YOU LOVE. 

I am constantly evolving and as humans we all are. Heartbreak can absolutely destroy us or it can make us want to grow and better ourselves for the next person that is the lucky one to have us. 

L x

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