Tuesday, 14 February 2017


I'm quite a straight forward person, if I like you then I'll let that be known, however I've realised that so so so many people love playing these back and forth games. 
You say 'let's just go with the flow' yet your actions suggest otherwise.. 

I've always rushed into things and that's probably my problem but I'd rather someone let me know if they're meeting other girls as well as me you know so then I wouldn't stop meeting other guys you know? That probably sounds so bad but I wouldn't give 100% to someone that isn't sure about me, like I'd just wanna be exclusive with someone rather than it all be a big fucking confusion. 

I love being terribly straightforward, like why not just tell that boy/girl you like them? Why not kiss that person again? You know, I used to date this guy called Rhys and when I left his I'd always regret not telling him what was on my mind or even just kissing him one last time, when we ended I regretted not being more open, or telling him I loved him more because nothing is ever promised. 
Literally, one day he woke up and it was like he suddenly decided he didn't want to be with me anymore and I never thought shit like that could actually happen but it did. So, that's why I feel so strongly about being straightforward.. 

If you're into someone, TELL them. It's nerve wracking but what have you truly got to lose? If they say no, accept it and move on but imagine if they were feeling the same but they felt nervous about it too.. 
When your actions make feelings clear but your words are a whole jumbling mess then just be open as fuck. ASK them what they want, you could either gain something or gain a better perspective because they didn't want that just yet. 

I talk to someone that isn't at all straightforward, they answer questions with questions and it absolutely does my head in. 

NEVER be afraid of being ridiculously straightforward.

L x

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