Sunday, 8 January 2017

WHY I blog.

I blog because for a long time I had no voice, I couldn't voice my feelings, my mama was my voice.
But now I've got the strength and courage to fight what's right and I'm going to be the voice for those other people that have lost their voice for now.

I wanted to blog because there wasn't anything like this around when I was going through everything and I think if I knew there were mental health bloggers and that I truly wasn't alone in how I was feeling, it wouldn't have been such a long process to get to where I am now.
When I first started writing I never ever thought more than 100 people would read this, I just figured people wouldn't be interested in what I had to say, however.. the response to this blog has been fucking mindblowing.

I've had so much positive feedback from writing this blog and I've even been fortunate to know other mental health bloggers, and to me this shit is crazy. I started this blog almost a year ago now and it's been the best thing to ever happen to me.
Knowing I could be helping other people that are or have gone through similar stuff, it makes me happy. I've had so much positivity from people I know as well which I didn't expect either.

Whenever somebody asks what I do, job wise I say ''I'm a full time blogger..'' and it's a huge conversation starter because not many people know what it is and how bloody helpful it can be. Writing about a topic such as mental health can be tricky, especially when there's still this huge stigma around it. It's like yeah that's cool but we don't wanna talk about it kinda thing and mental health HAS to be spoken about, there has to be more than one conversation about it otherwise more and more young people will suffer and then the future generations will too.

I spoke to somebody the other day and they said not everybody has a mental health.. I'm literally like ''WHAT THE FUCK?!'' everybody in this world has a physical health so they of course have a mental health too. I feel like everybody tries to just sweep the subject of mental health under the rug when we need to have discussions about this and make people's understanding of what actual mental health is.

If you've only just read this one post or if you've read several of my posts I'd like to thank YOU. Thank YOU for taking the time out to read my blog, I put my heart, soul and my entirety into this.

When I first started writing I was constantly on edge, I was so full of anxiety and a fear of everything like I'd constantly overthink about the littlest of things and it'd literally cause arguments just because I over thought about something too much. I'd be so full of fear that I wouldn't wanna take risks or even do things I'd wanna do because anxiety stops you from absolutely everything.
This is why I write because I know anxiety isn't just occasionally feeling nervous about something, anxiety has caused me to breakdown several times over the things that'd seem small to others, like just going out or seeing friends.

Thankfully my anxiety is slowly getting better, I used to feel like it'd chain me down and everytime I wanted to do something the chain around my neck would get tighter and tighter until I got the thought of doing it outta my head. I know it's never just going to leave 100% but I'm going to make damn sure that it doesn't and isn't ever going to control me again.

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Positive vibes.

L x 

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