Friday, 13 January 2017

my fav people.

I feel like I'm slowly running out of things to write about so please so lemme know if there's certain topics you'd like to read about from me :)

my FAV people an the people that inspire me!!!

Of course this post is completely dedicated to my favourite people and the people that truly inspire me. There's so many people that I've met online and in real life that genuinely motivate an inspire me so enjoy boo's..

So, I met this person not too long ago however he's impacted my life massively. He's northern as well and to be quite honest he's a real genuine person. He inspires me to want to really better myself and he's just someone that I feel like I never really wanna lose and he's special to me. I very rarely listen to people but I know that he actually cares so on the rare occasion that I do listen to someone, I listen to him. He's a truly wonderful genuine human being with a heart of pure gold.

I was on this guys podcast twice and I've wrote about him before as well @Mike_Douglas_, he continually contributes to the mental health community and he's a really awesome guy. His podcasts are so informative and they raise awareness to other mental health bloggers as well which I think is wicked!! He's just someone that is so easy to talk too and he's always there spreading as much positivity as he can. Go on his twitter and show him some love after you've read this! @Open_Journal_ + @Mike_Douglas_

There's one really famous mental health activist that I super inspire to be like and that's Demi Lovato, she's open about her struggles and what she suffers with and she brings information to subjects that alot of people find uncomfortable so topics like mental health and childrens mental health usually get pushed under the rug because it's a touchy subject I guess. But she's been vocal that there definitely needs to be change happening and because she has a HUGE following she's raised awareness and there's more knowledge about it. Obviously there's still this massive stigma around mental health issues however when well known people speak up about their struggles people look into it more and educate themselves of it which is amazing.

@findmyway37 is another amazing person you should send some love too on twitter, whenever I've felt down or upset over something he'll talk to me and just it's so lovely to speak to someone that just genuinely understands how you're feeling and how bad anxiety and depression can get. Which is so fucking good because you never have to explain yourself you can literally just say 'anxiety is a bitch' and he'll do everything in his power to make you feel comfortable and happier and he's wonderful.

If I wrote about everybody that inspires me then this post would be crazy longgggg!! There's so many wonderful people out there and they deserve so much recognition and I hope one day everyone will get that.


I love you!

L x


  1. Thank you for the love love 😘☺️
    You are an amazing person & to be part of your adventure is a privilege xx