Friday, 25 November 2016


This is gonna be dedicated to whoever's mentioned so let's get started...

I'm thankful for MYSELF, I'm thankful that I didn't give up on me. I had so so many chances to just give up on myself and end it all but I kept fighting and I'm a warrior for doing so. There

were so many moments that I'd just barricade my door and genuinely just think, think

of the future, thinking how I'd end it all but there was this little voice of me and it felt like it was an older version of myself telling me it'll be okay in the end and I trusted myself.

I'm thankful for my MAMA, I'm thankful that when I couldn't fight or speak up for myself she was my voice. She's never ever given up on me and for that I'm grateful. I'm thankful that she never forced me back into school and she let me take everyday at a time. She continued to fight for me even when school tried making me go in, she took me to every single doctors appointment, counselling session and even when I had to go to hospital.. she was always there holding my hand.

I'm thankful for my brother's girlfriend, when it comes to my brother I'm protective obviously not to his face but he's my bestfriend. He always tells me how it is especially if I've made a crappy decision (which is alot of the time). But seriously, she puts up with him singing at the top of his lungs. It's bad because he thinks he sounds great.. he doesn't fyi. But if she puts up with him doing that then she must be great.

I'm thankful for my BESTFRIEND,  he cared and loved me when I didn't love myself. He taught me how it felt to be loved and love, for so long I'd felt like I was this broken fragile person and he made me realise I'm stronger than I give myself credit. He taught me how it felt to be truly loved, and he also taught me how it felt to be truly heartbroken. I didn't realise that sort of pain existed until it happened and it literally felt like my heart was broken, I couldn't function properly and it's a pain you can't even describe, you literally have to go through it to know what I'm talking about.
But he is my bestfriend and you don't give up on the people you love and I never gave up. Never will either. He was patient with me and made me open up, I was so shut off yet he made me open up to him with such ease and I doubt I'll feel that comfortable with another person but him.

There's two people that I'd just quickly like to mention too that I'm extremely thankful for my sister Jade aka buttface and Liam aka Mr J.

If you weren't mentioned it's because there's a ridiculous amount of people I'm thankful for. But know you're appreciated.

OH AND BEFORE I FORGET, I'M THANKFUL FOR THIS BLOG - I've met so many amazing people from writing about mental health, all the people I've spoken too on twitter, I appreciate you!

L x