Thursday, 7 July 2016


Good evening you beautiful people, hope you've all had a good day!
We're nearing the end of the 'New chapter' so if there's anything in particular you'd like me to write about or do then just tweet me, or comment on this post or even email me! Or how about this, you guys send me questions on either twitter, instagram or email and I could do a little chapter on that?
It's entirely upto YOU!

Okay so if you wear make up or always have the biggest smile on, does that mean you're actually okay?

I didn't get taken seriously because I wear make up and I look perfectly fine, I know people say when you have anxiety or depression or even an eating disorder you start to not give a shit what you look like, and I personally feel like that's partly true. But, I only stopped wearing make up or doing my hair when I was really seriously ill mainly for the fact I had no energy whatsoever to do anything like that.

Things I'd love to tell people that have never suffered with mental illness or anything like this is  - 

Is that mental illness is NOT like a broken bone or wound, you can't see blood physically coming out of you or nobody can tell how much pain you're in because so much pain. Mental illness isn't noticeable unless you already fully know the symptoms. Never compare your bad day to my bad couple of weeks, anxiety and feeling anxious about something are two completely different things.
Once you get anxious about something, you'll go through with it and then get over it.

My anxiety has pushed people away, it's made me miss opportunities, it ruined alot of things for me, I couldn't accept it so I pushed it to the back of my head til it was ruining me as a person. I had to try and fix myself, there's alot of things I hated to admit about myself. I can't just feel better like that, it's frustrating becuase you automatically want to have atleast ONE good day and then when you do you think it'll last a while but it takes the littlest thing to change your mood, it could be changed instantly.

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