Tuesday, 28 June 2016


How're you all feeling guys? 
- I've made mistakes and I've done things that wasn't exactly needed but I can admit I've fucked up and I made situations worse but in life you're meant to make mistakes. If I hadn't of made mistakes I wouldn't be human. - 

Being in a relationship whilst I suffer with anxiety and an eating disorder is hard. Motivating myself to get out of bed every single day is hard. Some days are much harder and some days are easy. I hate getting out of bed or out of my room when days are harder than most.
It's hard to do day to day stuff - if you've got no motivation to do anything, how can you put your whole focus into something in which you're numb. You're numb to the world, you're numb to all the feelings.

Staying sane whilst you're struggling so badly is hard, trying to be yourself whilst you feel like the world's falling apart is heartbreaking. Mental illness is something that tests you any chance it can get but do not ever ever let it break you. You may feel like the world's on top of you and you just can't deal with it but keep fighting baby, you're worth so much than this.

I write everyday even if I don't always post every day, I still write. I write so I can't overthink things, I write so that other people suffering can see that they aren't alone and I write because it helps me, it helps me track my journey and it helps people that know me, know me better because I'm actually pretty quiet.

I still hope to get the opportunity to spread awareness and get my message into schools because it's happening more often than it really should.

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O. x