Monday, 27 June 2016


I am SO freaking blessed!!!

First of all, I'd just like to say thankYOU to everyone that continues to support this blog and me on a daily level, this support and all of you readers make this little dream of mine achievable, and I'm so grateful because this journey we're all on isn't just helping you guys but it's helping me. 
Before I wrote this blog I was struggling, really fucking badly actually, I wouldn't go out unless it was with my mum or my boyfriend, I was so dependent on other people that I couldn't go out by myself and when I did it was a huge challenge for me, 

Getting my focus back on something positive instead of always having a negative mindset was so difficult for me too because I got myself into a habit of always being negative even if there was nothing to be negative about, and I'm not usually a super negative person but when you think of your life as being a whole period of utter darkness then it soon changes you as a person.
This blog IS my focus, it's what I set out to do every single day, I wake up and think of new ideas to write for posts, I want you all to know that I am human and my experiences are what makes me me. But please never ever think that just because of what's happened it's going to make me bitter or angry because it isn't, I had enough of being angry and bitter, it isn't going to change what happened or make things better. 

All you've got to do after bad shit happens is make positives of all the negatives and DO NOT let mental illness or bullying or anything else turn you into someone that's bitter and angry all the time, I've got something great to focus on and make this blog something BIG. I never thought I could do that, I never thought I'd take my exams because I thought by that time I'd of ruined my body so much it would just give up on me but it hasn't and I'm grateful for everything I've been given and I've achieved. 

I'm grateful I've got my family and my boyfriend, I'm grateful for his family and I'm grateful for myself. I'm grateful I've been given another chance and that I'm able to write for all of you now. 

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ThankYOU for continually showing this page love and for your continued support. 
You're all appreciated,
O. x


Mental health is a subject not everyone wants to talk about, in schools it isn't really spoke about much either and this is gonna kinda be today's topic - Awareness of mental health -

When I was in school there wasn't much awareness or talks about mental health or even eating disorders with boys and girls, there more talk about eating disorders in girls than there is boys but it still happens, just because it isn't spoken about, IT STILL HAPPENS.

I think my goal for this blog is to get it into schools and get it out there because children and young people need to know that mental health isn't something to be embarrassed about and that it isn't something to glamorize either, eating disorders aren't something to glamorize either because it's ugly. I'm not saying people who have eating disorders are ugly but the eating disorder itself is, it takes away who you are as a person and tears you down so much you're at your bare minimum of who you are.
I was vibrant, happy and I was just a kid, I then became someone who just shut down, I shut everyone out and I became secretive. That wasn't who I really was but it's who anorexia made me.

I see so many 'Pro - ana' and thinspo shit on instagram/tumblr and I feel like that should be banned. Purely for the fact eating disorders AREN'T to promote unless you're showing people the awareness, I actually had a tumblr but I deleted that because there were so many pages promoting starving yourself and that's so wrong.
Young girls and guys need to be aware that this isn't healthy, promoting something that essentially can kill you makes me real sad. This is damaging to everyone but there's young people out there that struggle with this, and if YOU have an eating disorder and you look at all this bullshit on instagram you're only going to make yourself feel worse and you're going to make your eating habits 10x worse.

And if you are on the journey of starting to get better and help yourself a little at a time, looking at this IS going to trigger you, it's going to make you feel so bad about yourself and I know it will because I used to do the exact same shit so I know first hand the effects of it.

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