Sunday, 5 June 2016


Hey guys, this post is gonna be slightly different.. it's going to be about something I've never spoke about or wrote about my opinion on the matter and the subject is Alcoholism.

My uncle who I'd never actually call my uncle died of it. He was more of a friend really, I'm not entirely sure how long he'd suffered with this disease but his body just got too weak to cope with the amount of damage he'd done to it..

In the UK, in 2014 there were 8,697 alcohol related deaths, and only 1% of alcohol dependent people get treatment.. these are the horrific facts, it's scary to think something so 'normal' looking could be a deadly killer. I say normal looking because it's just a drink, something you have with your dinner, something to celebrate occasions with, we've grown up to find this as a normal thing older people do, most young people do it now too.

I remember one night getting upset over something so trivial so I stayed downstairs and drank practically half a full bottle of captain morgan's, I got woke up by my mum and sister because I'd been sick in my sleep and that was real dangerous. I don't drink now, I practically despise the stuff but what I'm trying to say writing this post is that no matter what ever happens in your life, drinking something that's actually been found out to be addictive can be dangerous. One little drink there turns to be a weekly thing then a daily thing, then it's something you can't live without. Your body can't function without it, it ruins lives. Not only does it ruin your body but whilst your drunk shitty stuff can happen too like drunk driving, you could injure someone, fuck you could even really really hurt someone and not even know about it!

It isn't worth it.
Please keep sharing, thankYOU.


Hey guys. How you all feeling?
Sorry I've been so inactive, I've not been feeling too great to be honest, I'm not sick or unwell, I just.. I don't have the motivation to do this much anymore, it isn't that I don't want too but usually when I write I show my boo before I post anything, I ask his advice on it, everything and we've barely had an hour long conversation since Monday and that was when he dropped me off at mine from going to London.

It's near to impossible to function properly when you go from speaking to someone every single day, every single hour to barely getting a message a day. It hurts, it really really does but it changes everything. I've felt like utter shit these past few days and I've just kept it all in because it isn't like I can tell my guy about it, I feel so fucking lost. But the thing is, he seems completely fine about it and I've noticed he's changed. The way he talks, the way he types, he's just changed and ugh.

I'm gonna leave it at that, have a good day and as always if you need to talk to anyone hit me up with an email at -

Have a good day