Monday, 23 May 2016


Hey guys and girls and everything in between, sorry for being so slack and not writing as frequently as I usually do..

There's actually something I wanted to talk to you all about, next week I'm going to London comic con and I'm so excited!!! And I figured if there's anybody that reads this blog from London then I'd like to see some of you but obviously it isn't a guaranteed thing that anybody will turn up but still!

It isn't my job to help you understand, it's my job to end the stigma of mental illness and all things associated to it, I don't write this blog so anybody can try to understand how or what I'm feeling because no one can ever understand, it's my own feelings and if at least I know how to write about it.
I really just want everyone to know that the success that I've had on this blog can happen to anybody, whether you wanna be an artist or a lawyer, if you put the time and the effort into this then you can do it.

This is gonna be a short post because I'm really not feeling it today. Sorry.

Have a good day,