Saturday, 14 May 2016


Hey guys!!
Because I want this blog to feel a little personal between me and the readers, and because I really do want the best for YOU all and I definitely don't want anyone of you to b feeling alone. Nobody deserves that..

So, I've got a little solution for this!! On every new post, I'd like YOU to comment how your day was, how you're feeling. Whatever you feel like, you can post it anonymously or have your name up there.. it honestly is upto you!! 
So, I challenge every single one of you readers that on my next post comment what makes you happy, no matter how little or silly you think it is and I'll reply to all of you!!

And I hope you realise that whenever you're feeling like you aren't needed or wanted, you know I love you all and I wouldn't keep this blog running if I didn't think it didn't atleast make a little impact on people's lives..

Love you!



Today's second post was gonna be all ranty and shit but I've listened to Drake's new album and I'm feeling better..

SO, how're you all feeling?

I figured it's about time I did a good post throughout all of it, so here goes, enjoy my loves!

There was one person I would actually have proper intense conversations with and he's got a blog too so you should check that out too but he's called Nores {I think!}
Anyway, I found his blog off Instagram actually and I think about this time he was in an American prison but I'm not going to go into that but over time as we'd wrote a few letters an he'd sent me some of his sketches which were fucking incredible..

He did that for me last year!

Anyway more to the point, I'd ask his advice on stuff because I value his opinion and he'd make me feel like I mattered in this world, that I was kinda important even if I didn't feel like it and I appreciated that SO fucking much!
For another human being to make another feel like they mattered and that they was worth it is probably the best thing anyone could do, and I value that man more than I think he even knows..

When you've got a mental illness you ALWAYS no matter what need an outlet, like you need something that will just be a calming, relaxing thing to do and art has always been my outlet and he made me really get back into it, get one of them anxiety coloring books for adults and just let yourself drown everything out and just colour the fuck outta it!! It's a major stress reliever and it'll get some shit off your mind for a little while atleast. Learn how to do other sketches and you'll be like a self taught pro.

Thanks for reading my lil lovebugz.



Hey guys, I hope you're okay and thankyou for reading.. enjoy :)

Making your girlfriend or boyfriend feel insecure is probably one of the worst things you can do, if you like having the option of even thinking about other people, you should already feel like your boyfriend or girlfriend is the best thing in the world. There's no need to even talk about other girls or guys whilst you're with the person you're in a relationship with.

I had a conversation with someone the other day and he was there practically drooling other other females and that's so wrong on so many levels. You shouldn't be sat there making your girlfriend/boyfriend feel like they aren't enough because really, that's just what you're doing.. you're sat there thinking it's all innocent an shit whereas she's sat there feeling like absolute shit because of you being a dickhead. If you don't feel like your partner is the best thing created in this world then what the fuck are you doing with them? Leave them. Seriously if you don't feel that way with them, just leave them because I promise you and this is a guaranteed promise, someone somewhere is going to feel that way about YOUR girl and she'll actually feel like she deserves too.

You've spent nearly a year making her feel like she isn't good enough, the people around you think she isn't when HOLD UP she thinks of YOUR feelings before her own, she put all her anxieties to the side for you and this is how you treat her? Why is that fair?

Either start treating your girl right or she's going to leave and be so much happier with someone that isn't YOU.