Thursday, 7 April 2016


If any of you are still here from my first post, thankyou. Genuinely I'm so grateful for ALL of you, I don't know any of you and you've all helped me realise so much about myself that I didn't even know was possible, YOU made the whole new chapter happen and I can't thank you enough.. I just hope I've helped atleast some of you because it isn't fair to feel so low and shitty as I did.

My emotions scare me, getting better scared me more. But uno what guys, I've met people just because of what happened and I know for a fact I wouldn't of met these people if I was fine. So much bullshit has happened and I hate to sound so cliche but I feel like in a really weird way its made me stronger and alot alot more wary of people.

My emotions aren't normal, I either give you 100% of my time and effort or you'll get nothing from me, at all. I hate letting people in, it's my weakness, it freaking scares the poop outta me. Metaphorically of course haaha..
I get so in my head sometimes I literally scare myself with situations that 9 times out of 10 it'd never happen, I've lost people because I'd rather be alone than be with a bunch of fake dickheads. I'm better than that and so are ALL of you!!
Don't hang around with people just because you're afraid of being alone or you're afraid to have no friends, it's nice to have other positive people around you but the ONE person you truly need is yourself, you need to be happy with YOU!

YOU are fucking brilliant,