Sunday, 14 February 2016


I've been writing this blog and telling you all my story for what seems like months now, I've thanked you all a few times in my last few blogs but I feel like saying it once won't get through the way I want it too. So here goes...

Before I started writing this blog I was unbelievably paranoid, embarrassed, and I practically hated myself but I feel like writing my story that may help one of you or loads of YOU, I just don't want anybody to feel like they've got no one because in fact you've ALL got me. I can't tell you how embarrassed I was of saying I've got severe anxiety and I've got an eating disorder because I thought it showed I was weak and I was letting the people that bullied me win. But the truth is, they NEVER win. No matter whatever happens in life, no matter how much of a loser you feel you're winning!!
You're all winning now, because you can say if you're close to the end of the journey you won!! You survived something you thought you never could, do you realise how amazing that is?!!!!

It's tough, it's challenging as hell.. but you won. You beat the people who put you down for SO long, when you just wanted to end it all when it got so much and you didn't you kept strong. You won baby. I think overcoming something as powerful as mental health issues and bullies in particular should be allowed to be put on a CV because it shows how strong you are.. You're able to face challenges that you and probably everyone else thought you couldn't. That's crazy!!

I genuinely hope you're all as happy and enjoying this blog as I am because it's literally the one thing I enjoy doing when I've been hectic all week!
I'll try and do a post every day or more often than I am now, hope you're all okay!

Keep smiling and as Roman Atwood says 'Smile more'!