Monday, 25 January 2016


The only person you have to love and be happy with is YOU. No matter how many endeavours you go on, no matter how many people you date, the only person you'll truly be stuck with is YOU, because come on you can be with someone for years yet you don't know if you'll grow old with them and you don't know if one day they'll wake up one day and decide you aren't enough for them..
That's the scary thing about relationships but the best relationship you can have is with yourself, so next time you look at yourself in the mirror remember these few sentences....


Because YOU reading this are them things, you're beautiful.. inside and out, you're strong no matter how weak you feel and you are always powerful. No matter how powerless you feel.
I can relate with every single one of you, you aren't alone at all. I know it feels that way boo but you gotta have a little rain to get some sunshine, remember that.
This blog isn't here for me to just tell you how I coped with having severe anorexia and anxiety, it's to show you all you aren't alone but most of all it's to help you love yourself, and be happy with who you are.

It's hard, it takes time and patience but most of all you've got to put effort into this. Eating right, sleeping well and having a proper routine will help you too!
I'm always here :)