Wednesday, 21 December 2016

MY sister..

This is my sister..

You're one of a kind. 
You have the kindest heart, you're literally the most selfless person I know. 
This is my sister Jade. She's my older sister which means she's over protective as fuck and it does get crazy annoying. 

However, she's one of the loveliest people.. shit hasn't been easy for her at all but she's not let anything get her down. She's dealt with a ridiculous amount of stuff, stuff which I know I couldn't deal with as well as she has.

She's stayed up with me when I've been crying over some lame ass boy and she's been there when I've been so happy I could cry. I'm writing this now with a huge smile on my face.
She doesn't always understand but she tries her absolute hardest to try, I haven't always been the best little sister and I know her dealing with my shit as well as her own has been ridiculously tough on her too, more than I realise.

Of course we don't agree on everything and we do have a fuck tonne of arguments but this girl is truly a fucking gem. She is a one of a kind, and I couldn't be any happier she's my sister. 
I told her I'd write a post about her ages ago so I'm sticking to my promise now. 

Now Jade,
I love you more than words can ever explain. I'm proud as punch to have you as my sister, you're the best thing and I love ya.

Don't you ever go changing for anybody because you're beautiful, you have the kindest soul and I know you're going to make someone so fucking proud to have you because I'm proud to be related to you.

L x

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