Monday, 19 December 2016

Change your outlook..

Hey guys, I hope you've all had an awesome week.. as it's practically the start of the week I thought I'd do a real positive feel good post since my last couple were pretty deep..

So, last week my feelings completely changed about everything. If I've had one day that'll completely change my mood for the whole week and I literally let ONE bad day ruin an entire week when I could have been so productive. I let these negative thoughts run round and round in my head and essentially I drive myself crazy by overthinking shit I can't change and I really have to change that about myself.

I know this is something other people can relate too as well and I want to change how people feel about themselves in that sense too, you can NEVER ever let anxiety, depression, bad days, whatever else control your life because you'll get constantly stuck in a rut and essentially the only person you're hurting is yourself. I always used to think people would leave me and I'd be left on my own and it'd literally give me nightmares every single night until I left what scared me.
You cannot stay in situations or relationships, friendships whatever if it scares you. If you get so scared to the point you don't allow yourself to feel 100% happiness. And it's not essentially the other persons fault, it's just how you feel about them.

Don't let shady characters in your life make you feel less than you are because you're all worth the absolute world, however we as humans always settle for less than we deserve because we're scared of being alone. LOVE who you are, because YOU're beautiful, YOU're important, YOU're worth it.

Tell yourself every single day that and soon enough you'll start to believe it. Trust me on this one.

More positive posts coming soon..

L x

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