Monday, 12 December 2016


Do you ever meet someone that literally makes you just not feel anything but happy?

Well, I met someone in super weird circumstances but they're actually a really great person. On the evening of my birthday that's when we started talking and straight off the bat he made me laugh, like I felt ridiculously comfortable and that shit is new to me because I never do that. I never feel that at ease with somebody and it really surprised me.

I'm starting to allow myself to meet new people and you know it's never going to be something that just comes naturally for me but I literally felt so in my element and that's just kinda overwhelming for me because I've never met someone that makes me feel like that, ever.
After I saw him like I couldn't stop smiling because for the first time in months I was truly content,
With the way shits gone recently I just needed to allow myself to be free of the shit that bothers me and I did that yesterday, which feels like an absolute weight off my chest too.

I really enjoyed myself yesterday and I'm glad I gave myself that opportunity to meet someone new because we laughed alot, we got to know each other and really it was great, plus he's got extremely cute dogs so that's always a bonus.

I'll admit, I was extremely fucking anxious about meeting him but as soon we spoke I was just at ease, like I'd known him for longer than like what 3 days? I didn't really have any anxieties going round my head and I haven't felt like that for a very long time with somebody and although it was a dead odd feeling cos I haven't actually felt like that, it made me really just want to stop letting my anxiety get in the way of absolutely everything (which I do)..

I'm actually genuinely happy I met him, although he's a douchebag, he's a funny douchebag so it works.

YAY for conquering anxiety!!

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