Tuesday, 9 August 2016


Hey guys, hope you're all enjoying your day wherever you may be.

I'm gonna be honest, last night it really made me reevaluate how I want to do this blog. When I first started creating social media's specifically for this blog I always wanted to get this onto a bigger platform and connect with so many people to all come together because we're all fighting to eliminate the stigma surrounding mental health in someway, yet what I have noticed is that the people that claim to be mental health advocates are the ones that are way more negative towards YOU and what you stand for.
We as humans, are supposed to stand together especially if we're fighting the same cause but I felt disgusted in the way these people act towards each other. I'll get to the point in a minute.

What I'm trying to get at is if you claim to be against bullying and if you've personally tweeted that you should NEVER say to people hurtful things because you never know what's going through their heads right now.

Last night whilst I was laid in bed just scrolling through twitter I saw a post that quite caught my eye. Someone that I followed was replying to somebody that had basically said she was only doing what she does to gain followers, and as someone that writes about living with mental illness and tries to get slot more awareness out there I thought that was so freaking disgusting. I'd tweeted into that and put "I find that super offensive. There's so many charities on Twitter supporting people - WHO ACTUALLY HELP." And I figured that'd be the last of it right? WRONG. I had someone tweet me some shit when I was actually defending her but I'm like fine okay whatever, just chill. But the thing what really truly got me was that the person that I was actually defending in the first place DM'd me on twitter this...

"I'm very sorry that you have some personal issues you need to work through. I wish you the best and forgive your unkindness. Perhaps you might want to be a bit more mature and think before you speak."

Is it really my fault that she took my words out of context? I personally believe it isn't, there was only ONE person that actually asked me what I meant and for people that don't know me to question my intentions by defending another human being was beyond me. What I'd also like to get at is that it was 04:24 AM in the UK and I had a hospital appointment in the morning and fair enough I coulda explained myself a tiny bit better but why in the world would you judge another human being negatively when you know absolutely nothing of them?! I'd also like to point out that she says she has mental health issues in her bio I'm not gonna be a dick and state what she says, everybody has flaws, nobody in this world is perfect but for someone to try and tell me when they don't even know me AT ALL that I need to work on my issues. FUCK YOU. 

Why be a shitty person and try and put your negative influence onto others? Social media is already full of hate that's a fact so why in the world aren't we making it an easier place for people that struggle just as much as you or I?

I felt like I just had to get this off my chest. 

O x

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