Friday, 5 August 2016


Number one rule - Know that normal doesn't exist. Everybody has different ideas of what normal is so if you don't fit in to one persons definition then fuck it - who cares, you do YOU boo.

I've never really fit in, I have bright red hair and I'm a big loser that laughs at my own jokes but that's cool because I make myself happy. But I'm happy with me and it took months, years even for me to get at this point right now and it's scary because I know for a fact it could all change within the snap of a finger.

I used to change myself for other people and that's probably my biggest regret because I changed my personality, the way I dressed, everything to suit other people even if I wasn't happy.
I feel like that never made me happy and even when I found that I was super happy, I didn't want to be because I sacrificed myself in the process and that was way more damaging than anything else.

It'd be so easy for me to seclude myself again but I don't even want that, I just want to stop spending all my time with fake people. Fake people are in the lowest group of the food chain, because seriously who even needs that in their life?
Liars and people who wait til you have a bad day to tell you your flaws on things are fucking shitty people too.

Show love and compassion to those who need it the most because you never ever know what is going through their head right now.

Just don't be a heartless dickhead.

Love you!

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