Monday, 18 July 2016

~ Social anxiety ~

Hey guys, hope you're all having an amazing day/night wherever you may be!

There's many situational types of anxiety that you can get but today's post is going to be about social anxiety so I hope you enjoy and if you did please share with your friends!

Social anxiety to me is like that one friend that always says 'are you REALLY going to wear that?' or 'I don't think you shoulda said that..' it's the part of your mind that whenever you're out it pops up and rears its ugly head.

No matter where you go, no matter how many people will be there, it will strike and make you feel so insecure about yourself that you'd rather the ground swallow you whole than think everybody's staring at you. Anxiety itself makes you feel so paranoid and no matter how good you look you still feel people are thinking "what the fxck?"

Over these last few months I've forced myself into social situations purely for the fact that II don't want to feel like that person that holds the person you're in a relationship back, I want him to just be proud of me so that's why I'll go do things that I wouldn't usually want to do but I do and it isn't even that bad.
I've met so many lovely new people and I'm grateful I got that chance too. I get scared, I get panicked and I feel like I want to cry but these are natural human emotions and I think for me personally social anxiety has taught me to not worry if I can't go out and go to parties or meet new people because what really matters is that I feel good. I've realised that you could stay in and order pizza and just watch netflix and feel the same amount of happiness as if you were about to go to some party,

I always struggled admitting I can't do what 'normal' people can but since I spoke up and spoke about my feelings it feels like things are alot easier now than having to hide and be secretive about my feelings. It's easier now to admit I'm scared about certain situations rather than to keep it in til I go to the bathroom and just breakdown.

Social anxiety is something that sits on my shoulder whenever I'm getting ready to go out or even if I'm already out. I'll look in the mirror and see that I look good but then it'll pop up and make me feel weak and useless. One thing you HAVE to remember is that, right now you may be going through the worst of your anxiety but one you start to feel in control it'll get easier, The vices will still be there but you'll have the courage to say 'Thanks for your input and advice but I look great and I'm not going to let you ruin it for me'

YOU are powerful
YOU are strong
You are brave

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