Tuesday, 12 July 2016

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Young people suffering with mental health problems

I've always said to people to do something that will inspire others, to create a legacy so that you wouldn't just be another statistic. In the UK in 2014, 6,122 suicides were actually registered. 6 thousand plus people lost their lives over something that people will just throw under the rug so it doesn't get talked about.

For example; when people get murdered by serial killers who gets remembered the most? The serial killer or the victims? The Krays were notorious British gangsters in the 60s and they are still widely remembered by every generation, young and old. They still get recognition in 2016, but what I'm wondering is.. what about the victims? What about the people that lost their lives because they were so caught up in that lifestyle?

And this is what I'm getting at, people commit suicide every single day and it's only when someone makes a stand that something actually happens. It''s usually the victims family that brings this to the media and tries to bring so much awareness to this to make people understand. People who have the courage and strength to finally give up on life because let's be real here it takes so so much strength t have to decide that, and it's really courageous. I've always said I couldn't do it and I never want people to do it at all but I feel like when someone gets pushed to their limits so much and they finally decide they're done, it takes time to think of that and it must be so hard.

I want to raise more awareness for subjects like Anorexia, Bulimia, Anxiety, Depression - etc because I grew up going into high school and leaving high school with severe anxiety and if you haven't read my whole 'story' on this, I developed an eating disorder throughout high school so I wasn't really there anyway. But what I'm trying to get at is me being that 12 year old little girl I had no idea what the hell anxiety or anorexia was. All I knew was that I wanted people to like me, and I'd happily change myself so I could 'fit in' and young people feeling like they NEED to physically starve themselves into an abyss is just mind blowing to me.
The thought of bringing up a child in this society where you get judged on the colour of your skin rather than how BIG your heart is, or if you look a certain way that people think is 'weird' just because it's different to what to mainstream media show - I don't want to raise a baby giving this little piece of life confidence and raising his or her self esteem just for them to grow up and listen to what other people think.. one thing's for sure though, I could NOT ever allow my children to grow up and bully people, just because they think it's funny or cool.

Bullying has a MASSIVE impact on your mental health obviously so do many other factors but I'm talking about the ones close to my heart right now - when you grow up and your mama tells you you can be ANYTHING literally anything you want to be, your parents and your siblings create this mindset or outlook however you wanna say it, I've got 2 older siblings Ben and Jade and I grew up idolizing them literally but in different ways completely. My brother is confident and he's honest - he'll tell you the truth about stuff and at times that's so so needed. And my sister well Jade kinda tries to wrap me up in bubblewrap so the dangers of the world can't hurt me haha. I idolized her because she LOVES make up and she's so creative in that sense so when she'd got herself on a make up course without backing out of it I realised that I could do anything if I kept my mind on the right track.

So when I got bullied and I lost all my confidence and I'd lost my voice, I believed I was unworthy and I didn't deserve these people around me so I pushed everyone away and I stopped drawing and I stopped really giving a shit about what I looked like. Also {a main part of this is that i LOVED make up too!} I always wore make up, it made me feel confident and that I could conquer the world and when I'd lost the motivation to even put make up on, I stopped giving a shit about everything else that followed - I didn't give a shit about brushing my hair because I wasn't gonna go anywhere but stay in bed all day like usual so what was the point? I wouldn't wear proper clothes and I'd stay in a hoodie and trackie bottoms because I didn't give a shit what people thought because I didn't give a shit about ME.

Now, that part of my life is OVER because I decided I deserved more than this but there's so many young people out there that are still struggling without any help or advice and I really truly believe that NEEDS to change. Nobody should be alone in their struggle, and this is why I'm trying so hard to spread awareness for mental health and everything surrounding it, NOBODY deserves to feel trapped and alone inside their minds so please help me campaign against this and spread more attention to this!!


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