Thursday, 14 July 2016

Let's change the world.

Hey guys and girls.
How y'all doing?

I've decided to start two campaigns off - AND

Why have I done this?

Because the School I went to and got bullied is trying to push bullying under the rug there. It's trying to keep bullying quiet so it always gets good reviews from ofsted. Which is so wrong on SO many levels, and I feel like for every teacher that keeps this thing quiet is another young person that's suffering in silence because the people you should be able to trust i.e -  teachers, older people at school, headmasters, etc are protecting the School instead of protecting the students.

Young people that have gotten bullied have self harmed, they've developed eating disorders or they've killed themselves because of BULLYING and Schools want to keep this quiet?! It's an outrage. You go to School to learn NOT to feel alone and scared because nobody's listening to you. 

WE need to stand up and take action before more young people have to suffer. 
Please please sign both my campaigns and spread awareness.

Get the message out there readers!!

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  1. Good for you! I can relate. I was bullied starting in the sixth grade and continued from there; high school being the worst and in high school I wanted to commit suicide because of the bullying ... it was a mess. School are not doing enough to combat this problem.

  2. Things like this shouldn't happen as frequently as they do and it's a shame most young people are growing up to think this is the norm. Schools definitely need to fix up and I'm glad you can relate!! More people need to work on a way to fix this issue.