Sunday, 26 June 2016


Hey guys and girls and everything in between, if you're a new reader I'd just like to welcome you here and thankYOU for taking the time out to read this, whether you're suffering with a mental illness or you know someone that is, you're all appreciated.

Sorry for the last few posts of me having a meltdown, I just overthink far too much and it ruins so much and takes up way too much of my time.

I want to talk about bullying, it's a subject I'm quite passionate about actually.
I got bullied for years, I came to Norfolk after living in a little place called Cornholme up north, and I've a different accent to everyone else down here and I stood out more than I already did. Before I moved I had so many friends, I was a really happy little kid.

In primary school I'd always stuck up for myself especially when I moved here, I wanted to fit in almost as soon as I'd got into that school, and one thing I grew to dislike so much was these little cliques they'd have. Before I moved there was a boy in my class I think that had disabilities and I was friends with him, I was friends with everyone to be honest, I wasn't particular who was my friend aslong as they were nice.

When I got bullied I kept it in, I didn't like anybody knowing I was that vulnerable and I became quite secretive about it, I mean I wouldn't want people to think of me as someone who couldn't stand up for themselves.
I'd hide it all and keep everything in and eventually that's what hurt more than anything and noone could understand why I shut off completely.

And ultimately, me getting bullied led to me developing an eating disorder and that ruined me and my self esteem.

Everyone's story MUST be heard.


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