Monday, 6 June 2016


ThankYOU to every single person that's read this blog, I can't actually put into words how grateful I am. I hope you're all good..

This kinda relates to the last post I did so if you haven't read it, it's ~ 28!

Every single person that gets bullied or has a mental disorder, they suddenly become a statistic people can add to the figures. Noone should be thought of as just another statistic, I got bullied relentlessly and I suffered because of it so in no way am I just going to sit back and let that happen to other people.
Peoples lives are worth SO much more than just a number, no one in this world should be thought of as just another number.. I'm a human being with thoughts and feelings and after so many years I've got a voice too. No way am I just going to sit quietly whilst another person becomes ill or gets bullied, WE have to stand up for what's right and we have to be the voices to people that have lost there's right now.

I was made to feel weak, and there's something I've noticed actually, that week in London proved it too.. the bullying, the eating disorder, the counselling, EVERYTHING.. it only made me stronger, it only made me want to stand up against it all.

I am SO much more than the eating disorder. There were so many times I nearly let you win, I nearly let you become the person who I am, I nearly let you win. I was so willing to just give up, but time after time after time I fought because I'm better than this.
And I want you all to know no matter how hard it is now, it only gets better and better. Of course it's not always going to be perfect but you gotta have a little rain to get a little sunshine.

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