Sunday, 5 June 2016


Hey guys. How you all feeling?
Sorry I've been so inactive, I've not been feeling too great to be honest, I'm not sick or unwell, I just.. I don't have the motivation to do this much anymore, it isn't that I don't want too but usually when I write I show my boo before I post anything, I ask his advice on it, everything and we've barely had an hour long conversation since Monday and that was when he dropped me off at mine from going to London.

It's near to impossible to function properly when you go from speaking to someone every single day, every single hour to barely getting a message a day. It hurts, it really really does but it changes everything. I've felt like utter shit these past few days and I've just kept it all in because it isn't like I can tell my guy about it, I feel so fucking lost. But the thing is, he seems completely fine about it and I've noticed he's changed. The way he talks, the way he types, he's just changed and ugh.

I'm gonna leave it at that, have a good day and as always if you need to talk to anyone hit me up with an email at -

Have a good day 

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