Wednesday, 1 June 2016


Hey everyone.. I deleted some posts I wrote yesterday because it didn't feel real. I'm not even sure what is or isn't real anymore, I'd gone to London ComicCon..
That's Sean Kelly from Storage Hunters..

I felt so trapped going there, I kinda thought that I'd back out at the last minute but obviously I didn't, I desperately tried to put all my anxious thoughts to the back of my head because I was scared. Scared that people would be able to tell my thoughts are eating me up every night. As you can all guess by now I wear make up but it isn't the fact that I need to wear it but once my face is all done I feel like a new Liv. Someone that won't take your shit like the old Liv did, 
I feel refreshed, like everytime I put make up it's a new skin type of thing. I am able to get that confidence I wish would stay with me.


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