Friday, 3 June 2016

2000+ VIEWS!

Thank you ALL for reading this blog, thank you ALL for sharing this too, this blog is supposed to help and be a support system for anyone that needs it really. I write to YOU all because this is also my support system, it's much easier for me to write my feelings on here than tell my boo. 
Not because it's hard to talk to him but because it's hard to tell him anything when I'm upset because my throat closes up and I struggle to even put a sentence together.

This blog has now got over 2000 views, I'm honestly amazed. I never thought I'd get past 100 views let alone 2000! I'm so so glad this has come as far as it has because this is an issue that needs to be taken seriously, and people just need to understand alot better than they do right now.
So, thankyou ALL for taking the time outta your lives to read this, I'm so proud of this because it's getting the recognition it really does deserve. 

Please please please keep sharing and keep reading!!

Love you!

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