Tuesday, 24 May 2016


Hey everyone, I'm finally home!! For those that don't know I've been at my lil lovebug's house for the past week or so, so yeah let's get straight to the point..

I've been feeling kinda rough lately, it's a bunch of things all mixed in to one.. it's weird.
I've always wrote about my inner most thoughts and feelings because it's so much easier than actually telling anyone right? I'm gonna be honest like brutally honest so please no one take offence to anything I'm about to say..

This blog was wrote to help everyone that suffers or knows someone that's suffered with similar issues to me because I want people to learn more about human beings as human beings. You can't just judge someone whether they're too quiet or too loud, and I feel like not many people REALLY know about mental illness, you always get them people that write long fucking status' about it and how bad it is but I'm not sure about you but I hate people knowing that I even suffer with it, I hate telling people the main causes of it and how this destructive little journey began. It's a really big insecurity of mine actually, not because having a mental illness is a bad thing but if I told people about it, it'd become my biggest weakness and everyone would know what to say to make me suddenly break the fuck down and I really never ever want to be able to give someone the power of doing that.

As I've said before I'm a really private person and there's so many people that think they know loads about me when really there's very fucking little. The amount of people that actually really know real shit about me is few because people don't deserve to know me in that way, they don't deserve to know how far in life, I just don't like being vulnerable.

I hope you've all had a good day wherever you may be. Stay safe and love yourself boo.

As always, if you'd like to talk about anything { livnizzzle@gmail.com } I'm only an email away.


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