Sunday, 15 May 2016


I told you that feeling good shit wouldn't last..
Do you ever just start thinking about something and you start feeling that pit of your stomach arriving like it literally feels like you've got this big ass pit at the bottom of your stomach and it just makes you wanna be sick but you can't be sick. If any of that makes any type of sense anyway.

I hate thinking about the future because that means there's going to be some obvious change happening soon and it scares me. I'm literally petrified of change, I'm starting to feel the emptiness type feeling come back. I know change has to happen its just inevitable obviously but I don't want it now. Everything is how it should be for the most part and obviously if it changes then who knows what's gonna happen then?

Maybe I'll have to change along with this bullshit. It's such a lonely feeling.

How're you all feeling? Hope you've had a beautiful day wherever you are..
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