Sunday, 15 May 2016


Hey loves, how're you all feeling today?

I'm just listening to abit of Yeezy and I've got a super sweet candle lit, so it's time to write!

Just to let you all know now, I've created an email especially for this BLOG! It's so if any of you just wanna talk or you need advice of any sort, just hit me up and I'll reply as quick as I can!!

Today, I'm happy.. I feel really good actually, I feel really hopeful today, I feel like right now I could conquer the world. I know this feeling isn't going to be there forever, but I feel like today is probably the right time to write a good post for once.
I'm calm, and I feel like I've really got to start getting my act together. I stop myself from doing so so many things because of my anxiety, my brain will make my body feel so sick just because I don't want to do something 'normal'.

But, what I really want to do is help YOU. I've been struggling for so long with my issues that I've held myself back from doing stuff I actually want to do, I dropped out of college, I just I regret it now but yeah.
I scare myself into situations which then obviously leads to be getting frustrated and I'll just stop it altogether, I'm weird like that.

Remember what I said before though, weird is crazy good.

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