Saturday, 14 May 2016


Hey guys!!
Because I want this blog to feel a little personal between me and the readers, and because I really do want the best for YOU all and I definitely don't want anyone of you to b feeling alone. Nobody deserves that..

So, I've got a little solution for this!! On every new post, I'd like YOU to comment how your day was, how you're feeling. Whatever you feel like, you can post it anonymously or have your name up there.. it honestly is upto you!! 
So, I challenge every single one of you readers that on my next post comment what makes you happy, no matter how little or silly you think it is and I'll reply to all of you!!

And I hope you realise that whenever you're feeling like you aren't needed or wanted, you know I love you all and I wouldn't keep this blog running if I didn't think it didn't atleast make a little impact on people's lives..

Love you!


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