Saturday, 12 March 2016


Right enough of stupid relationship posts.. let's get back to where we were..

Its something we all have, it can be lost very easily when you feel defeated and hopeless.
It can make you feel like mental illness is gonna win, and that you can't survive but boo you can. YOU all can, you don't necessarily need hope, you just need a tiny little bit of self realisation, you need to realise that its tough and its so fucking hard right now, it isn't always gonna be like this.

With mental illness an hour feels like a decade, so feeling hopeless for a couple weeks feels like centuries and months feels like an eternity, but you've got to try and look past it because honestly it isn't always gonna be like this. I got bullied in Primary school because I have an accent, I laughed all that off but then I got bullied again in High school and I can't tell you all just how many times I'd sit in my bathroom on my bathroom floor contemplating whether it'd be worth it to not feel any of this pain again.
I was having a battle within myself, I'm saying this now because I know alot of young people and even older people can understand where I'm coming from because quite frankly bullying happens on a daily basis and I'd love to even just help one of you, no one deserves to feel that kinda pain.

Self realisation is what I needed and still continue to need, you've got to realise why you're still here.. obviously I get it there's been times where you'd love to of just ended it and not be here but YOU'RE HERE. You're able to read this blog on a daily basis, you have a purpose in life.
You ARE great
You ARE worth it
You ARE loved.

Instead of focusing all your energy on shitty negative thoughts, put every last bit of energy you've got into thinking good, positive ones. Wake up every day and think to yourself, ''I may be feeling like utter dogshit right now but it's going to get better soon.''

I love you all boos.


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