Wednesday, 2 March 2016


For me personally, there's certain people in my life that bring it out more than others. I'm quite happy just sat in my comfy's on Netflix with pizza, literally that is my ideal night, but the thing I'd practically like EVERY night to be like that. I hate going out, even if it's just for dinner or whatever. I hate it. There's some people I would go out for just because they'll never understand. Friends or even boyfriends won't get it.
Mine in particular doesn't, at all. It's funny, I always tell people I haaaaaaaate going out, and I'll still get invited to go to parties with people. STOP.

I hate always having to say 'No, I've told you time and time again I hate that shit. Stop' This shit isn't even recently, its probably Halloween time but still. It annoys me.

There's so many things that annoy me, and it's times like these now where I'm sat in bed feeling sorry for myself because I'm ill as fuck and it all just comes crashing down at once, so I apologise for the rant, especially if this shit doesn't make sense..7

I hate people that lie but they always seem to associate themselves with me, I hate people who break pinky promises because as petty as it is it actually means alot more to me than you'd imagine, I just hate really shitty people. People shouldn't be shitty to people they love, that's not cool.


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