Saturday, 27 February 2016


Happiness. Something I've been trying to search for for ages.
Its something that gets lost for a little while then when you least expect it, its there. You could be sat in your bed, watching the same Netflix series over and over and over again whilst scrolling through Facebook, and you see this funny meme or video and you physically laugh til your belly hurts.
That's when you realise you may slightly be feeling better within yourself.

Happiness is something that makes you rich, you don't need to have a lot of money or a lot of people around you to be happy. As long as you've got a few or just one person around you that makes you the happiest you've ever been you're the richest person in the world.
I'm happy. I've got an amazing boyfriend and I feel good about stuff but every day isn't like this.

I created this Blog to create awareness and help people whether you personally suffer with any type of mental illness or if you know someone that does, its there to show that you can have one good day and 10 bad days but in the end whilst you still fight every day like its your last, whilst you suffer all the bad days just to have as many good days.. it will happen.
Not right away of course, but slowly things will start to change, even just a little.

I'm not saying I've been magically cured because I haven't, I still have lots and lots of bad days and I literally have to talk myself out of staying in bed hiding under my duvet all day, but it will get better. Trust me.


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