Wednesday, 24 February 2016


Hey lovelies! I'm so sorry for being so slack on posting, it's just been a mega hectic week and FINALLY I can write.
Let's get to it..

Trust.. it's something I don't do. Period. I trust very few people but still then I don't 100% trust them, that's probably why I don't have friends either. Don't get me wrong I've got used to having no friends, but one thing that I'd like to focus on right now is I'm not cold hearted, it does affect me not being able to go out or just talk to someone. I feel like my life and my future would be so much easier if I could be friends with backstabbers, fake ass people and slags. I wouldn't be happy but at least I'd have someone.

I, I don't mean to be difficult and honestly I don't think I ask much from people except they be honest 100% with me. I hate liars. I hate people who break promises, that gets to me more than anything.
I need honesty in my life and who knows maybe I've got to leave shit where it is.

I know this post isn't really gonna make sense because my head's all over the place so I'm sorry.

I used to have a plan of my wedding, it'd be in a barn like this book I read and it'd be fucking tiny. But I'd be happy and in love so why should it matter how many people would be there?

I'm so fucking unhappy yet I'm still smiling. fuck/.

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