Wednesday, 17 February 2016


Sometimes you've got to think about what truly makes you happy, if you do a job that makes you feel negative and unhappy then you've got to realise what's best for you and leave it.

I realised that although I have so so so many plans that realistically I'd love to make them happen now. But because I'd rather be happy than be stuck someone that's just a negative influence, ALL my plans are on hold well I only have one but still..

I've lost alot of people in my life, growing up, being a teenager, all that shit but I'm finally happy with having a few selective people. I know some people are gonna read this blog and be like ''well, what about me?'' but the truth is, if you don't accept my decisions, if you don't support me 100% I'm done. I'm not even that bothered about having no one because the only person you should be happy with is yourself because you're the fucking world.
Knowing your self worth's probably the most important thing to learn about yourself because if you really want to do something and you're so passionate about it and someone just basically takes a dump on it and says shit like ''oh no, that's a bad idea'' fuck them people.

Lovelies, if you wanna do anything within reason like I'm not obviously telling you to go have a joint or do a line of coke or any of that shit but do the stuff that makes you happy because at the end of the day it's YOUR life and you're the one that's got to live it and stick with your decisions, mistakes are meant to happen that's life. But you've got to be able to build yourself up and survive that bullshit.

I hope you all have a lovely night wherever you may be.

Love you allllll.


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