Thursday, 11 February 2016


Relationships with family or friends or even with a boyfriend or girlfriend.. they don't last forever.

Nothing is forever, everyone says you should think about your future but I've got a tendency to just think about the now, because no one knows how long you've got in this life. That's why I always just go with it, no one controls my future or now but me so I wanted to just go with it and practically live happily ever after.. yeah that shit doesn't work, so honestly loves I'm done.

I'm done trying to create a bomb ass future with someone I love, I'm done tryna explain myself to everyone because they don't deserve it at all. I'm done having rants at someone for them to still not fucking understand what I'm saying.

Lovelies there's so many negative influences out there that can literally bring you right back to square one but you've really just got to move past that, you're ALL strong, no matter how weak you feel.. like right now I feel like absolute shit but I know that I don't need anyone but myself and if I'm ever in a situation where it feels like I have compete against other people for ONE person's attention, I'm just going to leave.
No matter how hard it is, I'm going to leave because you should never ever feel like you have to compete against other people, you're perfect baby. Inside and out, just because some jackass doesn't see that that doesn't mean you aren't.. it just means their just dickheads. Which you definitely don't need.

Realise your potential boo.


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