Wednesday, 10 February 2016


Hey lovlies! Sorry I've been so slack on here recently, I just got a new job and I saw my boyfriend..

But anyway, this post is gonna be a little different and you'll all soon see why.

I'm happy. But the thing is, I want to be my own person so bad, like all I'd really like to do now is start my plan I've had for awhile now. There's only one person that knows this plan and he knows I want it so fucking bad!!!
But anyway, I'd like to say a super big thankyou to all my readers here, fuck that. Every single one of you that reads this are my friends, I literally love YOU. You give me the motivation to keep telling my story and to keep writing even when I feel like complete dog poop!! At first, I didn't have the courage to do this because I thought way too much of what people thought of me but I decided after talking with my boyfriend about this that fuck it, there's more chance of this helping people than anything, so I really really hope this has helped at least one of you!

There's two things I'm passionate about, helping others and art. When I was really ill and all I'd do is stay in my bedroom I'd just draw, skulls mostly. I draw how I feel, or what I'm feeling at the moment! I lost so so so much motivation to draw, like I lost all interest in everything. I get mega bored too, I get bored quickly, but right now I'm happy. I'm literally so happy, I've got a boyfriend who gives me the world and more and he's actually so fucking good for me!!!!

I love YOU all!!!!


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