Tuesday, 19 January 2016


The worst feeling is feeling trapped. Like you can't escape but you want too, sometimes you can escape certain situations, doing certain things but one thing you can't escape no matter how hard you try is your own self. You can't escape from the horrible things your minds saying to you, you can't escape yourself having certain thoughts about either wanting to hurt yourself, wishing you could end certain scenarios but sometimes you can't at all.

One thing that's stuck with me since high school, one of my teachers in this separate building said to me when I explained how I felt she said this.. ''You need to have more resilience,'' are you freaking kidding me?! I'm sure someone who can relate to this can understand where I'm coming from now. No, you don't need resilience, people just need to stop being dickheads.
You can be the strongest person in the world but after a while when someone keeps saying your fat, your ugly, your this, your that.. you're eventually going to start falling apart and it's going to get harder to pretend you're okay with this.

 Darling, you don't have to pretend at all. Ignore those bullshit words boo, you can be the strongest person in the world but that doesn't mean you deserve people feeding you lies. You are strong, you are brave and you are fucking wonderful.

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