Monday, 18 January 2016


The one thing I thought I needed going through all of this.. I thought I needed friends, it wasn't really a want like I didn't want friends but I needed them otherwise I'd have absolutely no motivation to do anything.
It all began in high school, it's so easy to go from being liked to disliked in literally a matter of seconds. I went from being the popular kid in school to no one liked me, at all, whatsoever. That's all I wanted really, acceptance from people my age and I never got that..

I got bullied from year 6 in primary school to year 9 in high school. I always got called 'fat' probably the thing that contributed to all of this really. When people keep saying you're fat, you're ugly, you're disgusting.. it's one of them words that sticks with you as a child, a teenager, whatever. I went from loving myself more than anything in the world to hating myself more than anyone ever could.

I'm writing my story so this never ever happens to any young children, I don't want someone to feel that low that they feel the only way out is to hurt themselves.

You're all beautiful.


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